Apostolic Revival Church (ARC) - Pastor John A Edwards - 3700 Kensington Avenue, PA 19124.
Phone - 215 941 6029 - Email Pastor Edwards - j.edwards82@comcast.net - Website - ARCofPhiladelphia.org
ARC Sunday Service @ 11:30 AM - Tuesday Prayer Meeting @ 7 PM - Thursday Bible Study with Prayer @ 7 PM.
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Give to our Church and Pastor.

Give: Click here to give online to ARC.
Thank you for supporting the Apostolic Revival Church (ARC) of Philadelphia and our Pastor with your giving. Your generosity is truly appreciated.

Electronic Giving has now been set up! To use:
1. Download the App Tithe.ly and create an Account. 
You will need your Card (Debit/Credit) or Bank information for this. It’s very easy and user friendly.

2. Search ARC - Apostolic Revival Church.
It shows up when you type ARC. You only have to do this once.
Be careful and make sure to give to the right Church: ARC - Apostolic Revival Church. 

3. Spread the word
Let others know about online giving to ARC - Apostolic Revival Church via Tithe.ly

When you give (via Tithe.ly secure online service) please specify what your giving is for by submitting information such as for: Tithes, General Offering, ARC Building Fund, Community Outreach, ARC Missions, Sunday School Offering, Feed the Poor, Evangelists Ministries, and such alike.

We pray that God: Jesus will bless you financially as you bless his Church and Ministries with your giving...in Jesus Name.
Give: Click here to give online to ARC.