ARC Website Mission Information.

Pastor John A Edwards and the Apostolic Revival Church (ARC) of Philadelphia Mission is to "evangelize and equip people with the gospel of Jesus Christ in Spirit and in truth for the glory of God."

Evangelizing include providing friendly internal and external relations, and the promotion of missions awareness and support. This also include increase contacts, promoting effective means of follow-up, equipping to building personal relationships and strong family units. Providing continuous resources for personal growth, increasing involvement in missions and promoting Godly Disciplines are other essential aspects of our Mission.

Just as this is true "Planting churches is the most effective way to expand the kingdom of God" so is the Missions of ARC in the Church Community, the surrounding Communities and the City of Philadelphia to share and spread the Salvation Gospel if Jesus Christ to lost souls. We aim to train Disciples of the Gospel, preach, teach, pray, fast, testify, witness and do more to ensure that the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his original Apostles will reach as many people as the Lord will lead and direct us to.

We believe on the whole Gospel to the whole world by the whole church, even as we focus on Philadelphia and its Communities.